Sunday 26th Apr 2015 - Supply Chain Standard

Malory Davies FCILT,

Pressure is on EU-US trade negotiators

Negotiators from the European Union and United States government are meeting in New York this week to hammer out  the terms of a new free trade agreement – it’s the ninth round of negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

IoT to deliver $1.9bn logistics boost

The internet of things will deliver a $1.9 trillion boost to supply chain and logistics operations, according to a report by DHL and Cisco Consulting Services. “We believe the Internet of Things will be a primary enabler of a global transformation,” said DHL’s Ken Allen. 

Clipper ops director to tackle changing market

Clipper Logistics’ operations director Sean Hallows will examine the changing landscape of omni-channel logistics and how third party providers are adapting to suit the new epoch at the 3PL Conference in May.

Fashion leads from the front

Fashion companies make the strongest use of support from service providers in areas such as online marketing or fulfilment, according to a report conducted by World Business Research Digital on behalf of arvato.