31 August 2014

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10pm next day delivery offering from O2
Mobile operator O2 has extended its order deadline for standard next day deliveries of phones and tablets to 10pm, as part of its aim to deliver best in class customer experiences...

Mobile platform from Zetes
Zetes has launched a Mobile Enterprise Application, from MCL Technologies, to support supply chain process execution with minimal complexity regarding compatibility and longevity...

Sky renews contract with UTL
Sky has renewed its contract with UTL, part of the Unipart Group, for a further five years...

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E-commerce: the driving force
The largest driving force in the global economy is now e-commerce. By changing how we buy, and from whom, the marketplace connects consumers in the most populous countries of China and India to an entrepreneur in London or Manchester with an idea, a...

Keep your friends close…
Resilience was forced to the front of supply chain professionals’ minds last year as a result of the tragic Japanese earthquake and ensuing tsunami ...

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The quest for agile execution
Efficient supply chain execution is dependent upon systems that are highly connected, responsive and, perhaps above all else, capable of delivering agility. As near-shoring gathers pace and supply chains become shorter, the emphasis will be on agility....

Too old to work
Supply chains have changed, but has our IT? Lack of investment in supply chain systems may be putting future growth at risk for Western companies...

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Getting to grips with collaboration
For an older generation, ''collaboration'' has a sinister sound. But in the modern, dispersed and globalised supply chain, collaboration, up and down the chain, or even with apparent competitors, may be desirable or even essential ...

Inventory:the great debate
No one ever got fired for having too much inventory, but they certainly have for running out of stock. With that warning from Professor David Simchi-Levi, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ringing in their ears attendees at Supply Chain...

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