01 August 2014

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Awards host revealed

Awards logo The host has been revealed for the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2014 organised by Supply Chain Standard in association with PwC...

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Grocery changes challenge supply chains
Over the next five years, the UK grocery market is to grow by 16.3 per cent to £203bn, according to a new five year forecast from the IGD. That sounds very healthy, but that basic figure conceals some trends that will be exercising minds......

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Choosing the Right LED Product for Industrial Lighting
As the days of cheap and predictable energy costs rapidly recede, the impact of high energy prices on facility budgets is heightening demand for more efficient lighting solutions... ...

12 supply chain forecasting lessons
The amount of information available to forecasters is increasing at a relentless pace. More data from more sources can be harvested to … well … perhaps cause more confusion than ever before ...

Improving forecast accuracy
Improving forecast accuracy is never easy, but is an essential step to lowering inventory levels and the associated carrying costs and scrap. This guide provides a ten point plan for creating more accurate demand information ...

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Corporate Insight

This isn’t just logistics… it’s mission critical logistics
The theory is easy: the right part, the right place, the right time. But achieving that takes real expertise, as a panel of industry leaders made clear at our round table sponsored by Unipart ...

A win-win for buyers and suppliers?
Rosy Hill reports from the Supply Chain Finance Summit ...

Meeting the e-tail challenge
The growth of online shopping is causing a rethink of logistics strategies in the retail sector. And our panel of leading retailers and logistics providers had some very clear views on what needs to happen in our round table sponsored by SEGRO ...

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Test yourself against the best
It’s time to test yourself against the best supply chains in Europe. The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2014 are now open for entries ...

Two days of Leading Intelligence
Case studies from Award winning supply chains, presentations from industry leaders and a tiny computer that is taking the world by storm. It must be Supply Chain Standard's 12th annual Logistics & Supply Chain Conference ...

Go large
The concept of big data is becoming increasingly important in the supply chain as organisations seek to make use of the massive amounts of data coming their way from customers. How will ERP systems cope, asks Malory Davies...

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Time to license supply chain professionals?
More than one in ten business leaders think modern slavery is likely to be in their supply chains, according to a poll by YouGov for the Chartered Instituted of Purchasing and Supply. And the institute is now warning that the UK could be sleepwalking...

Child labour: the supply chain scandal that keeps repeating
There’s always a bit of excitement about opening up the packaging on a new mobile phone, but for many Samsung buyers that will now be tinged with the disconcerting realisation that child labour may well have been used in the construction of their new...

Can you see the returns utopia?
Can you imagine a utopia when returns are not just a black hole for inventory and resources, but a bona fide revenue stream, adding value for customers and even cost reductions? Ian Towell, head of general merchandise returns at Tesco can... ...

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