22 August 2014

News Feeds

If you're a website developer, you can now include the latest Supply Chain Standard news headlines, jobs and tenders on your site. Consider it instant content. It's free and you will be providing the latest engineering news to your site's visitors. We do this by making available special files that you can incorporate into your website. Any time that Supply Chain Standard is updated, these files are updated as well, so you can have the very latest information at all times.

Advanced Installment

If you are familiar with RSS/XML technology, you can use the following file in an RSS/XML parser to deliver instant headlines to your site. These links are certified as valid
click here to visit RSS website

Novice Installment

If your web server does not support RSS/XML technology, or if you have no idea what we're talking about, then you will probably need the JavaScript feeds. Simply copy and paste the relevant code from below into the location on the HTML page wherever you want the feed to appear.

For the news feed use:

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"

Tailored JavaScript Feed

If you would like to create a feed tailored specifically for your website where you choose the content, number of headlines, font size, font colour etc. and the JavaScript would automatically be generated for you to cut 'n' paste into your own site then click here.


If this is all too much for you just click here to receive Supply Chain Standard news, features, information and jobs for professional engineers direct to your inbox.

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